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April 15, 2021
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Learn Russian from home with a native speaker

In the work of a teacher, I am attracted to the opportunity of teaching, tell something important and interesting.
My German lessons are distinguished by the combination of play and study. Firstly, it is remembered faster this way and secondly, it is always more interesting to learn while having fun. Therefore, I give Russian and German online-lessons for all levels and ages.

Inexpensive Russian or German courses

German teacher: I prepare you for any exams. Moving to Germany, preparing for exams, going to work or just talking. I lived in Germany for three years and practiced teaching German for over eight years. An individual approach to each student, tongue twisters, fixed expressions, listening, reading, writing. Teacher of the Russian language: Help in learning the language, I will explain the grammar and on top of that we will learn how versitile this language is.

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