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Private Turkish classes with a native speaker Aysegul in Cologne

Juni 26, 2020
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Turkish lessons with Aysegul in Cologne

Looking for private Turkish classes in Cologne, Germany? Do you want to learn Turkish fluently from a native Turkish speaker? I would be thrilled to help you out!

A little bit about me

I am a native Turkish speaker with more than with 10 years of experience as a Compliance Officer. My tasks included overseeing the daily compliance responsibilities, managing compliance related projects, implementing globally determined standards to the local market in line with the local regulation in banking sector. I would gladly teach both beginners and higher levels. Given my extensive experience in the banking industry, I can also help you out in case you need help with Turkish for business purposes. I also speak fluent English.

About my Turkish classes

Being a result-oriented person, I always strive to make the most of my classes! Are you a beginner or an intermediate speaker? Depending on your language level, we can communicate only in the target language or with the help of English. I am a communicative and friendly person, and would do my best to help you develop your fluency naturally.

Turkish will be a fun ride with me! Feel free to reach out if you are interested in learning Turkish with me.


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