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Passionate teacher Lucie offers English lessons in Munich

Mai 6, 2021
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Geschlecht: Weiblich
Nationalität: Tschechisch
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Passionate teacher

To me, teaching is a service and a path of self-development. Having studied 11 languages myself, I am able to identify myself with the learners. In order to make language learning easier for you, I offer English private lessons in Munich.
While keeping the students‘ practical learning purposes in mind, I believe that language learning is a way of broadening one‘s view of the world, and thus of oneself. I love being a mediator of this process.

Language Teaching Qualifications

  • Cambridge English CELTA (Cambridge ESOL Level 5 Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) / University of Cambridge (through Münchner Volkshochschule, Germany); Passed with an above-standard grade (Pass B)
  • Cambridge English Certificate Level C2 (Native Speaker Level) / Cambridge Assessment English
  • TESOL (Certificate of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) / Arizona State University
  • Teaching English Online / Cambridge Assessment English

Get to know your next English tutor

I am a lifelong learner who enjoys exploring new things, people and places. I’ve always loved languages, books and reading. I really enjoy sharing my knowledge, teaching and seeing the other person grow.

I lived and studied in 8 different countries (Germany, Australia, UK, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Denmark, Austria) and I consider myself an international soul.
Back when I was 10, I decided to become an architect, and so I did. I got a Master’s Degree from the University of Copenhagen. However, a few years in the field made me realize that’s not how I want to spend my life. So I quit to pursue a carreer that involves more direct contact and helping people.

I started to study holistic medicine and became a yoga teacher (which has been my passion since I was 17). I’ve published a few books, I’ve traveled the world, and I moved to Australia and then finally back to Europe.

Currently, I’m living a life filled with my passions: teaching & learning languages, teaching and practising yoga, writing, and pursuing further studies in the field of nutrition and holistic medicine.

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