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Passionate language learner Yann gives Online German courses

Februar 17, 2022
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Improve your German with a motivating teacher

Languages are my passion. Some of them - like Italian and Russian - I learned for the fun of it and others - like German and Greek - because I live(d) in the countries where they are spoken. I like to share the joy I feel when learning a new language with others in my Onlie German courses. I also think that through all the years in which I have spoken other languages more often than my mother tongue I have gained some valuable experiences in how to approach learning a language that are worth passing on. Also, I know which words are the most valuable ones in the beginning and I am familiar with all the situations one encounters when starting a life outside there home country. It can be scary and exciting at the same time and language is the key to overcome a lot of the obstacles. I'll be glad if I can provide some help for my students on their way.

Learn numerous languages from an experienced teacher

Before moving to Greece in 2018 I worked as a German teacher at the Deuko language school in Hannover. This was my first regular employment as a language teacher. My original professional background is that of an instrument-maker. After having grown up in France I moved to England to attain my degree in violin making there and along the way not only brought my English to an almost native level but also discovered a passion for teaching. I started teaching French at the local "Club Francais" and took on some music students. It took an other 15 years though - in which I graduated as a violin maker and began working and setting up a life in Germany - for me to realize that this was what I'd actually prefer to do for a living.

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