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Learn English with CELTA certified teacher Nourhan in Bayreuth

Januar 26, 2022
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Improve your English with a professional teacher

I am a CELTA-certified teacher, studying English Linguistics at Bayreuth University, Germany. As an English teacher here in Bayreuth, I would love to show you the beautiful and interesting sides of learning a new language.

Learn Business English in Bayreuth

I am patient, creative, hardworking, & interested in technology and the application of the technological tools in teaching and education.
Also, I taught different levels of learners i.e. kids, young and adult learners.
Therefore, I always try to adapt different methods of teaching, depending on my students' needs and levels. My lessons are usually based on interaction and student involvement. The four skills [listening, reading, speaking and writing] are equally important during my classes, so that my students can acquire and learn the language more effectively.

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