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Learn about Korean culture and language in Dohyun’s lessons in Heilbronn

November 20, 2021
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Take Korean private lessons in Heilbronn

Hey there!
My name is Dohyun and I am looking for students! 🙂 I already discovered my passion for teaching in my home country, the city of Seoul. I regularly taught foreign friends both Korean spoken and written, as well as Korean culture and history. Therefore, I am looking forward to give you Korean lessons in Heilbronn.

Speak Korean fluently with an experienced teacher and native speaker

I have already been able to develop various teaching methods on how to teach Korean to my students and explain it in an understandable way. Teaching Korean at a German school now seems like the perfect opportunity to combine my passion for teaching and my home country Korea.  As a native speaker, I have a perfect command of the Korean language and have also always graduated with top grades in my school years.

I am looking forward to teach you Korean!
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