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Japanisch und Chinesisch mit Ye in München

April 9, 2018
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Japanisch und Chinesisch mit Ye in München

My name is Ye and I am a Chinese native speaker and have lived in Japan for about 5 years for my PhD study in Waseda University, so I can speak both Chinese and Japanese.

I have learned Japanese as I was a middle/high school student in Nanjing Foreign Language School. Based on my own experience, I know the difficulties of Japanese and how to master it.

When I lived in Japan, I have been a Chinese teacher as a part-time job in HAO school (Tokyo, Japan) for about two years. This experience told me how to teach foreigners Chinese without their mother language and only use pictures, body languages and simply Chinese that students have known before for teaching difficult Chinese words and grammars. Because there are both group and private lesson in HAO, I also know the different between teaching one student and teaching several persons at the same time.

On the other hand, I also have been a teaching assistant in Waseda university (Tokyo, Japan). I have taught C++ and supported experiments and thesis for junior students. This is not an experience for language teaching, but it also told me how to communicate with students.

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