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Certified teacher Vinyet offers English lessons in Wentorf bei Hamburg

März 27, 2021
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Highly experienced teacher gives English tutoring lessons

Throughout my career as a Foreing Language Teacher, I have acquired skills and knowledge which have helped me improve as a teacher. I have learnt to provide more efficient and satisfying lessons for my students. Therefore, I would love to help you improve your language skills in my private English lessons in Wentorf bei Hamburg.

Passionate teacher helps you reach your language goals

I hold internationally recognised certificates to teach foreign languages, such as TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and ELE (Spanish for Foreign Speakers). I have over 5 years experience as a teacher now, and I can say that learning and teaching languages are both truly my passions! My lessons are real fun, balanced and diverse. I try to avoid traditional approaches to language teaching, which are usually based on theories and grammar rules. Instead, I prefer to go for task-based approaches, where the weight of the lesson lies on the students and not on the teacher. Interaction and real-life situations are key points in the process of acquisition of a foreign language.

Have fun while learning English

In regards to my personality, I consider myself an extrovert and sociable being. I enjoy being part of my students' learning process, and I like being able to see the results. My main goal is to have fun in my lessons, as well as to adapt them to my students' needs and skills. I prefer giving lessons in an informal and personalised way by using countless academic resources that guarantee the quality of the materials used for the lessons.

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